1. Add Oreo frosting, then one cake layer to a cake board. Then add Oreo frosting.

2. Add the second layer of cake and add more Oreo frosting.

3. Add the third layer of cake and Oreo frosting. Then add the final cake layer.

4. Coat the whole cake in Oreo frosting.

5. Next smooth the frosting using a cake smoother. Then, add Oreo crumbs to the bottom rim of the cake.

6. Pour chocolate drip on top of the cake and down the sides to create a drip effect.

7. Add swirls of frosting around the top of the cake. Make sure you leave a small gap in between each swirl for the Oreos. Then, add Oreo crumbs to the centre of the cake.

Serve this inviting, moreish Chocolate Oreo Drip Cake with Oreo Frosting for birthdays and other special celebrations.